Deprivation hood with nose hole

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The simply-famed effect of deprivation hoods on our production precisely reflects the needs of our demanding customers. The photos we've taken for you are talking about everything.

First-class materials and processing

The hood is made of very pleasant, fragrant, but especially high-quality leather. Fitted with leather robust straps. The hood straps surround and provide maximum security with locking on padlocks.

Feeling in the hood

Simply indescribable, you have to experience it. Put the hood on your head. Afterwards, the lace will begin to pull down from the top and the hood will clutching tightly to the head and you will lose one of your senses, in addition to seeing and hearing. Once laced hood, you will find yourself in total darkness and silence. When you feel that another 3 belts will be tightened around the hood, which will underline the effect, you are most excited.  After click of the padlocks that secure the leather belts, you are absolutely defenseless. At that moment you know that you are in the power of your partner.


The hood is designed for both men and women - we tested both variants. Select the size of the mask at the top, if there is no matching size, choose Custom Made, and you will be contacted with further details. The hood is embraced by four leather belts that lead: around the neck like a collar / around the eyes / obliquely under the chin over the top of the head, and as an extra standard there is a belt for removing the mouth space.