Heavy Straitjacket Psycho Regular

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234 €
Made in 2-4 weeks

Product code: P00017 Weight: 2 kgShipping and Payment

The new, upgraded tight-fitting straitjacket is an alternative for anyone who wants to experience a great sense of bondage in a tight-fitting jacket, while not preferring the leather version.

This jacket has 4 straps on the back to remove the jacket on the body. Of course there is a solid metal zip leading down the bottom of the jacket to the neck collar in which the loops are inserted to fit the collar. As a collar, you can use the supplied piece of strap or replace it with your own collar with a maximum width of 40mm.

There is also a choice of black leather collar (choose above). To prevent the buckle from moving upwards, two fixed belts run between the legs. The straitjacket can be fitted with zippers (not in the basic price - choose above) to allow access to the nipples or breasts.

The price is valid for the size of approx. S - M size. All jackets are tailor-made!

This product is made to order - manufacture time is about 2-4 weeks.