Hogtie carabiners

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Hogtie, this position where wrists and ankles are bound together behind the back, is likely known to every BDSM enthusiast. For hastening the binding into this position, and especially for efficiency and an overall polished look, we recommend using this leather connecting link with four metal carabiners.

While it can serve various purposes, the Hogtie position is probably the most common type of use.

What is hogtie?

Hogtie bondage is a position in BDSM where a person's wrists and ankles are bound together behind their back, effectively immobilizing them. This position is often achieved by connecting the wrists to the ankles, forming a loop that restricts movement. The person ends up in a bent-over position, enhancing the sense of vulnerability and submission.

The hogtie position is commonly used in bondage scenarios for its restraining and visually compelling effects. However, it's crucial to prioritize safety and communication when engaging in any form of bondage play.