Leather Ankle Cuffs Classic

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Sturdy leather ankle cuffs from our production. Cuffs, as an essential tool in all BDSM activities, need no lengthy introduction – simply put, they allow you to securely restrain a submissive partner. The cuffs are not permanently connected to each other, allowing for variable binding, a feature appreciated by many in BDSM play. You can use one of the carabiners we offer or a padlock, for example, to connect the cuffs.

And why should you fall in love with these cuffs?

  • Elegant and highly robust
  • The width of the cuffs, just under 6cm, snugly and comfortably wraps around the ankles
  • Trimmed and polished cuff edges for enhanced comfort
  • Welded and sturdy D-ring withstands high loads
  • Material quality: 100% Italian leather, ensuring durability and a pleasant aroma for many years
  • Standard cuff style without any embellishments, suitable for all simplicity enthusiasts

Cuff size:

  • Suitable for ankles with a circumference of 21-29cm
  • Width: 6cm

The package includes 2 cuffs, without a connecting carabiner.