Leather Heavy Deprivation Hood

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Manufacturer: SadolairProduct code: P00013 Weight: 0.15 kgShipping and Payment

If sensory deprivation is your passion, this is a hood for you! Manufactured from pleasantly soft but strong leather and rigged with lockable compression straps, this hood can tame even the most difficult submissives.
The hood closes with lacing, but confinement is heightened by three leather straps: around the neck, across the eyes and from the jaw to top of the head. Even with a tightened hood, breathing is easy through a 2 cm wide hole (contact us if you require a bigger breathing hole).
This hood fits very tight, so you may want to choose a size with a little space to spare or contact us for a custom sizing.

The hood is made of very pleasant, fragrant, but especially high-quality leather. Fitted with leather robust straps. The hood straps surround and provide maximum security with locking on padlocks.