Leather hood open mouth and chin

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Manufacturer: SadolairProduct code: P00009 Weight: 0.15 kgShipping and Payment

New leather hood in our stock. Is specially made for those who love oral sex and be inside of hood. Spots around eyes are perfored so you can slightly see what can you expect from outside of hood. The hood isn´t so restrict, but this type is really made for oral sex. Made from fine leather, inside of mask is so comfortable for wearing. Inner part is soft and non itchy. Hood was made for be inside as long time as possible, so for it is so comfortable. Hood is pulled by the lace around all part of head. Between sides is integrated another part of leather which cover hair inside. Anyway you can pull out hair as ponytail thought this part. We allow you to choose from S / M / L sizes. In the case of atypical dimensions, we are able to make custom made masks. See the size selection above.