Leather hood with open chin

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Many couples will appreciate this hood during BDSM play. This hood does not constrict the jaw so much, the wearer can easily open his or her mouth and the hood (even when maximally tightened) is very good for oral sex. Eyesight is, of course, completely blocked, so your submissive does not have the slightest idea of what are you preparing to do. This hood is manufactured from top-class leather, the inner side is very pleasant to the touch and you need not to worry that the leather will feel hard or scratchy. The hood will confine the entire head with just a pull of the lacing. There is an integrated leather tongue under the lacing, to cover the wearer’s hair, but it is also possible to pull a ponytail through, for pet play and so on.
The hood’s pattern is designed to be very comfortable to wear, but also very restrictive. You can choose from sizes S, M or L, but if you want an atypical one, we can make a hood to your specifications. Korzetka (pictured above) has the S size hood. To choose the best size, look on the sizing above.
Everybody needs at least one! We like to combine it with a wide collar and a leash.
Fits men and women alike.