Leather padded ankle cuffs "Softy" Red

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We have designed these black-red leather ankle cuffs with the aim of maximizing comfort. They are seamless cuffs without the use of rivets. While providing super comfortable wear, a firm grip is ensured by the very pleasant leather on the outer and inner sides, along with an inserted neoprene layer for soft padding.

These cuffs are also designed for extended wear during home play or various BDSM activities. They don't appear as massive as some other cuffs in our product range. From a design perspective, we believe they have a simple, clean look accentuated by riveted holes for the buckle, a red lining, or red stitching. Of course, the craftsmanship is highly detailed and of high quality. The production of cuffs with these features and characteristics requires considerable expertise and specialized equipment.

Despite their softer appearance, the cuffs are exceptionally strong, comparable to other cuffs made of belt leather. Welded hardware, including the buckle and D-ring for attaching a carabiner, is a standard for us.

Cuff dimensions:

Width of cuffs: 50mm
Suitable for a circumference from 17cm to 24cm