Lockable Collar Transparent PVC

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Manufacturer: SadolairProduct code: P00062 Weight: 0.15 kgShipping and Payment

This collar is made from transparent PVC. Sturdy welded steel "D" rings serve as attachment points for a leash, allowing you to secure a carabiner, chain, rope, etc. The collar is suitable for regular BDSM play, but due to the PVC material used, it can also be immersed in water and easily dried.

Thanks to the lockable buckle, you can lock your partner in the collar even when not actively engaging in BDSM play. However, a pre-locked collar allows for a quick start to play. The lockable buckle has the advantage that, if you prefer not to lock the collar, it can be used as a regular buckle without the need for a padlock.

In case of immersion, it is necessary to dry the collar after play, especially the metal components.

The collar's width is 5cm, making it suitable for both women and men.

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